All natural handmade soap…honestly.

Made with all natural ingredients our luxurious goat’s milk soap contains only the best of everything with

NO palm oil

NO artificial colours

NO artificial fragrances

Milk from our own goats, not powder.

Most of our bars are made with 100% Olive Oil which makes a wonderful rich soap that’s great in the shower or tub or even as a shampoo. A natural emollient, goat’s milk is the perfect addition to soap giving it a rich silky feel and extra moisturizing properties.

The Essential oils we use are therapeutic grade and pure

When we say our goat’s milk is fresh we mean it! Our own boutique herd is milked twice a day by hand to ensure that your soap containes only the very best.

Our soap comes in a nice big chunky bar, 170-200g and is individually wrapped in printed brown paper, perfect as a treat for you or a special chum!

You’ll also find a great range of soy candles here on our online store. Made with 100% GE free soy wax, a cotton wick and essential oils our 100% natural ethos means you won’t be burning any nasties.

We love selling our soap at local markets and having a chat to our customers about the different ingredients and qualities of our soaps, but we thought it was only fair that the rest of Aotearoa could share so here’s our online shop

Christmas is coming the Goose is getting Fat!…..

It’s done the sneaky on us again and it’s nearly Christmas!

Check out our range of gift boxes and bags or make your own with products for everyone from the toughest teenager to the chap that has everything.

If there is something you would love and don’t see it online, just Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help out



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